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So obviously I'm bored. Not sorta-bored-i-can-think-of-things-i'd-rather-do, but really , truly bored.

Or maybe it has something to do with the preppie guy sitting next to me in Computer lab. Guess what he's doing? Oh, you'll never guess this.....

He's searching in Google for himself (as in sports and stuff).

Unless...ok, that's creepy. now he's searching for dead people in our town Obituary. ::is sincerely creeped out, and that one fic that vanityfair was talking about with Harry and his Father and stuff comes to mind....eeek!::

Anyways.....went to and checked out some of the recs. She's got great ones, and updates frequently. No wading through the crappy stuff.

And if Dan's reading this, there's 4 gay guys in my school. Josh Thatcher (friend), Jason Feliciano, Aaron Hill, and Andy Blind.

menda! When are you going to get on again?! I need you! ::huggles menda plushie in defiance for loss of menda::

::sighs:: Ok, I better go keep writing on the 3rd chappie of Kairos. And get more on the HP ficcie.
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