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Kairos 1/?

Title: Kairos

Chapter: One/?

Author name: badfaith

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Author website: and

Category: Angst

Sub Category: Drama

Rating: R

Summary: A Divination Project goes awry, sending Harry and Draco four hundred years into the Future. They soon learn that they must pay the price for their folly.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of J.K. Rowling's characters, places, or ideas, however, I do own my own ideas. Do not steal them.

Warning: This story contains slash, which is a boy-boy relationship. If that's not your cup o' tea, I suggested you find some that is, or you'll miss your teatime. Also, I suggest getting some Kleenex, because you most definitely will need it. If you have a weak stomach, do not read this.

A/N: I have been developing this plot for around a year, and I finally finished it. This story does not have a happy ending, or a happy beginning, or even a happy middle.

Chapter One


"Everyone is a moon, and has a side which he never shows to anybody." -- Mark Twain

"Too truly know one’s self, one must see one’s self in someone else’s eyes," Professor Trelawney announced to her class; half Gryffindor, half Slytherin.

Ron rolled his eyes and leaned over to whisper in Harry’s ear, "Truly, why won’t she just get to the bloody point?" Harry tried hard not smile, but he felt his lips stretching over his teeth in a wide-mouthed grin.

"It’s all just to torture you, Ron." Harry teased his best friend back.

Ron shook his head. "I knew it! You’re all in on it!" Harry smiled broadly at Ron’s antics. They snapped back to attention when the class almost simultaneously groaned.

Harry leaned over to Neville. "What happened?"

"She’s going to assign us partners for a project." Neville informed Harry, an apprehensive look present on his face.

"What project?" Harry whispered back.

"I don’t know, Harry. She’s going to tell us after she reads off the pairs." Neville said.

"All right. Thanks, Nev." Harry nodded, and turned his attention back to the front of the classroom where Trelawney was clearing her throat and shuffling a few papers in her hands. She pushed her glasses idly back up her nose and started reading off the papers in her hands.

"Vincent Crabbe and Seamus Finnegan," Her loud voice pierced the air.

"Oh God, Harry. I hope you don’t get stuck with Malfoy." Ron said to Harry.

"I hope so, too." Harry replied.

"Gregory Goyle and Ronald Weasley,"

Ron groaned and Harry shot him a glance of pity.

"Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter,"

Harry slumped, defeated, onto the table, his head in his hands. Ron patted Harry’s shoulder comfortingly. "It’s not your fault you always get stuck with the Ferret, Harry. It’s just someone’s sick, twisted humor at work."

Trelawney clapped her hands. "All right class, get with your partners, and then I’ll explain what you are to do."

Harry walked slowly over to where Malfoy sat, already sure that there was no way Malfoy would deem to get up off his arse and walk over to where Harry had been sitting. It was a lost cause. When he sat down he could see a smirk glide onto Malfoy’s face.

"Well, Potter. Seems like we are stuck together once again. Whatever this project is, I don’t want you messing it up. Is that clear?" Malfoy stared intently at Harry, waiting for acknowledgment.

"Crystal," Harry answered. Malfoy looked at Harry for a few more seconds, humphed, and looked away.

"You are to pick a topic that interests you. Take your time, because this project is half your grade. After you have found a topic, you must pick an aspect of your broad topic. It must be something that is not entirely proven. You must prove this aspect by experimenting with it. I expect you to write thirty inches of parchment on your topic, the aspect you picked, your experiment and your findings. This is all to be done on you own time, and not in my classroom. Remember, this is half of your grade. I am going to give you today to discuss topics, but that is it." Silence reigned in the room for a moment until a myriad of voices broke out in exclamations.

Malfoy turned towards Harry. "So, Potter. It seems we’re stuck with each other for a while. How about we choose our main topic today in class, and we can meet tomorrow, say about six, at the Library to discuss the other things?"

Harry nodded. "That sounds like a good idea, Malfoy. Do you have any ideas what you’d like to do?" Malfoy eyed Harry for a moment.

"Do you?" He asked, staring intently at Harry.

"I -- " Harry was about to say no, but then thought about what had been troubling him the most that morning. He had woken up once again with his scar burning, and the imprints of Voldemort’s crimson eyes burning in his consciousness. The visions of what Voldemort and his Death Eaters were going to do or were doing were coming more frequently, almost two a month now. "Premonitions." He blurted.

Malfoy arched a perfectly shaped aristocratic eyebrow. "Premonitions? Interesting, Potter. I wouldn’t have expected you to say that." A strange look passed over Malfoy’s face.

"There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me Malfoy."

Malfoy cocked his head, and studied Harry. "I think I know more about you than you think, Potter. After all, ‘to truly know one’s self, one must see one’s self in someone else’s eyes.’. Do you know who said that, Potter?"

"No, I don’t Malfoy."

"Her name was Latrina Vernius. You might want to look her up sometime, Potter."

"I’ll do that, Malfoy." This conversation was utterly confusing Harry. Was Malfoy actually being civil to him? And why did Malfoy keep giving him the most oddest look, as if he had never seen Harry before? It didn’t really matter anymore, the lesson was over. As Harry picked up his books, Malfoy had to walk past him, and as he did so, Harry could feel Malfoy’s hip brush his, and he could have sworn he felt a light flutter of fingers at his waist. But he soon forgot all that when he felt the soft warm breath of Malfoy’s at his ear.

"Don’t forget, Potter. Tomorrow at six, in the Library." Harry stood there dumbfounded, tingles racing from his ear down his spine, staring at Malfoy until he left the room, and even then into space. He didn’t even notice Ron come up.

"Hey Harry, you all right, mate?" Ron’s concerned voice startled Harry out of his shock.

"Yeah…I’m fine." Harry shook his head to clear visions of Malfoy’s lips at his ear out of his mind and followed Ron out of the room.

Harry lay in bed, trying to sort out the day’s happenings. At Divination, Harry could have sworn Malfoy was coming on to him, but later on, Malfoy had seemed his usual cool and spiteful self, sending barbed comments speeding Harry’s way the rest of the day.

Malfoy’s so…complicated. Every time I think I’ve figured him out, placed him in a category, he does something that totally redefines what I think about him. But what most terrifies me is that I wasn’t disgusted when Malfoy whispered in my ear, or put his fingers on my waist. I didn’t shiver in revulsion. I shivered in anticipation. I want Malfoy to do it again, and more. I didn’t think I was gay. Maybe I’m not…maybe I just…

Oh, God. I’m too tired to think about this. It’s the last this I need. What with Voldemort and all. I can just imagine the headlines on the Daily Prophet: ‘Harry Potter Comes Out Of The Closet’. God, no. Right now I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. Pretend that I don’t want Malfoy.

Harry fell asleep.

It hurt. The pain was unbearable. But not once did he cry out, not once did a single tear stain his face. He could see the pleasure on the cruel face above him. The pleasure at dirtying such a pure thing. He felt detached and cold after the pain had gone. A faint throbbing encircled his left arm. He looked down and saw the stark black outline on his pale, white skin. It stuck out like hell in a field of sunflowers. He shook his head: Somehow, no one must find out.

Gods, the memory of pain still haunted him.

A/N: Hey, I read a fanfic on, and it's been haunting me ever since. Has anyone read a fanfic that's about Harry writing lyrics to songs, and Draco providing the music for a Talent Show? I believe all the songs are by Linkin Park. Please, I really want to find that fic. ^_^
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