Anna (plastictears) wrote,

Dreams (what strange themes).

I had the most odd (and lengthy) dream last night.

Since it's now quite a long time after I woke up, some of the parts are fuzzier than they first were.

Obviously, some people who read this might not want the slashy part, so just go here if you want it.

So on to the dream:

At first it started out with the slashy part (see above), then it had Angel (David Boreanaz) swimming in a fish tank. He had a tail, he was a merman. Well, a little, tiny fish comes up at bites him. Supposedly, the fish has a poison bite. So Angel's friends (Gun, etc.) have to go to this tree to help him. On the tree is some sort of eclipse thingy. Then my dream goes to Angel, who is walking on a highway, all beat up. He's trying to get over some fences, but they're really high and electric, so he can't. He keeps on walking, and there's a sort of anonymous voice saying that because of who he is, he needs a job, or he's gonna keep getting into the news for being beat up. Now, Angel morphs into me. I walk across the highway to my designated job. Which is some sort of restaurant outside of a gas station. I go up, and it's Subway. I'm supposed to put the cheese on the subs, but all that's ever on the subs in the end are cheese and mayo (no bread, just cheese and mayo). Then I decide to go visit my parents. I go with one of my co-workers, who when I tell her who my parents are, freaks. I have to go through all this security just to see my parents, because they are big robotic company CEO's (they live apart), and I wake up before I get to see them.

Now, I know there was more to it, but that alone (what I remembered) was very strange. I think I should go consult some Dream specialist, or check out a book on dreams at the library.

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